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White Millet

The climate is distinct all year round, the soil is fertile, and it has unique natural conditions for growing small grains, first-class storage function of anti-polluting raw materials, first-class sterilization and disinfection processing production lines, and first-class scientific and technological innovation team.

Product Introduction

Tianzhen County has a distinct climate all year round, fertile soil, and unique natural conditions for growing small grains, with an annual output of about 40,000 tons of grains.1. In planting, farm fertilizer and organic fertilizer are mixed with the soil to reduce heavy metals and agricultural residues exceeding the standard; 2. In the storage of raw materials, it is fully enclosed to prevent rats, birds, flies and human contact, prevent secondary pollution, and prevent excessive peroxide value; 3. In the production and processing process, remove stones, remove soil, and imperfect specific gravity particles. Polishing, color selection, consistent color, X-ray machine to remove malignant impurities, microwave sterilization to remove microorganisms, ultraviolet packaging sterilization; 4. In the storage of finished products, store in storage at about minus 2 degrees to achieve the same taste, bright and beautiful color; 5. All shipping tools are cleaned and disinfected. Full-time personnel supervise the installation, and rest assured that the products will be shipped abroad.The customs issued an export epidemic-free quarantine report for our company's products: our products are non-toxic, sterile, epidemic-free, and have a first-class scientific and technological innovation team.It has formed an upstream and downstream export industry chain to provide high-quality products and high-quality services to merchants in the domestic and foreign markets. Domestic and foreign merchants are welcome to connect, exchange and cooperate with our company.

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