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客户服务The climate of Tianzhen County is distinct throughout the year, the soil is fertile, and it has unique natural conditions for growing small grains. The county has an annual output of about 40,000 tons of various miscellaneous grains. With Tianzhen County Tonghang Grain Trade Co., Ltd. as the leading enterprise, it cooperates with local enterprises, professional cooperatives, large grain farmers, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Alpine Region Crop Research Institute, and Datong City Plant Conservation Plant Quarantine Station, Datong Customs Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, Yida Xihang (Tianjin) International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. form an upstream and downstream consortium of grain production, supply and marketing. Order-style docking with 38 villages in 9 townships, driving 2,516 households, including 1,918 poor households, with an average annual income increase of more than 6,800 yuan. The products are exported to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, India and other international The market has formed a deep integration of upstream and downstream links, and the annual foreign exchange earnings of 3.6 million US dollars. In 2019, Tianzhen County Tonghang Grain Trade Co., Ltd. was listed as one of the ten enterprises in Datong City of the Provincial Rural Agriculture Department. It has been listed as a provincial key supply chain enterprise by the Provincial Department of Commerce, and 7 grain products have obtained the American NOP, European EOS, BRC, HACCP international organic certification. It is the only international organic grain export enterprise in Shanxi Province, and its products have won internationally well-known brands, AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprises, and AAA-level credit enterprises; it is a provincial-level leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a provincial-level leading enterprise in poverty alleviation, and a provincial-level grain and oil industry Leading enterprises in chemical industry, top 8 enterprises in Shanxi grain processing, the 9th China county agricultural industrialization innovation and development enterprise, Shanxi Province SME entrepreneurship base.


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