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国外区域Relying on the fertile local soil, the four distinct seasons of the year, and the unique natural conditions for the cultivation of small grains, coupled with the company's supporting first-class anti-pollution raw material storage equipment, first-class sterilization and disinfection processing production line, first-class scientific and technological innovation team, the company has formed The complete upstream and downstream export industry chain provides high-quality products and high-quality services to customers in domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, with Tonghang Grain Trade Co., Ltd. as the main body, and cooperate with local enterprises, professional cooperatives, large growers, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Alpine Region Crop Research Institute, Datong Plant Protection Plant Quarantine Station, Datong Customs Inspection and Quarantine Center, It forms the entire industrial chain of a technological innovation consortium. Products are exported to France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, India and other countries.


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